Initiatives Radar

The WebEx Group is currently involved in the following initiatives:

  1. Mentoring The most advanced and successful initiative so far, this unique service - entirely run on the Internet - provides one-on-one mentorships to the School's young graduates. The individual Mentors are chosen out of the Alumni's 4,000 strong database to provide guidance and professional advice to assist their younger brothers' first steps in career.
    For more detailed information see The Cameo Project.
  2. Military Schools World Forum The Group is actively involved in establishing and fostering links with comparable groups of Alumni of long established Military Schools around the world. The focus is presently on France and the United States of America. Our effort is to build up a solid basis for long term relationships between some selected Schools, favouring the establishment of cultural exchanges, sharing of experiences, mutual assistance to members and participation to projects in common amongst said institutions.
  3. Historical Forum A spin-off of the previous initiative, this initiative calls for the creation of a Center (and an associated web site) of historical studies on the various military colleges and schools around the world.
  4. Admission of Young Women Although the Italian Law permits the enrollment of Women into the National Armed Forces, girls are not yet allowed to enter our country's three military schools. Their admission is currently being considered, and our group is actively developing a number of initiatives, including exchanges with Schools based in countries where the coed system has been running for several years, in order to second this most important reform.